sultan turkish restaurant



chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and a hint of garlic 5.10


vine leaves filled with a delicious mix of rice, onions, pine kernels and mixed herbs 4.90


fried aubergine, peppers and courgettes,served with a touch of yoghurt and spicy tomato sauce 5.10

imam  bayildi

aubergine with a delicious stuffing prepared from onions, peppers, tomatoes and parsley 5.30

ayse fasulye

green beans cooked in a rich tomato and onion sauce served with yoghurt 4.90


white kidney beans cooked with onions and tomatoes, garnished with salad 4.90

ispanak tarator

chopped spinach topped with creamy garlic yoghurt 4.90


freshly prepared yoghurt with grated cucumber and more than a hint of garlic! 4.90

karasik meze

selection of the above starters 5.55


spicy beef sausage, grilled and served with salad 5.50


lightly grilled Cyprus cheese garnished with salad 5.40

charcoal specialities

doner kebab

famous turkish dish, spit-roasted specially prepared lamb served with rice 14.10

sis kebab

lean tender chunks of marinated lamb, skewered and grilled on charcoal served with rice 15.00


grilled lamb cutlets seasoned with herbs, served with rice 15.50

pilic izgara

pieces of chicken breast marinated in our special recipe, served with rice 14.80

sis kofte

two skewered portions of lean minced lamb seasoned with herbs on a bed of rice 14.65

sultan special

sis kebab and chicken, charcoal grilled with mushrooms, peppers, onions and tomato marinated

in wine and herbs, served with rice 15.90

iskender kebab

a selection of meats, charcoal grilled, served with rice and topped with yoghurt and tomato 

sauce 15.90

karasik izgara

mixture of doner, chicken, sis kofte and pirzola, served on a bed of rice 15.90


yoghurtlu kebab

(saucy dish) doner kebab served on a layer of pitta bread topped with yoghurt and tomato

sauce 14.65

pilic special

(saucy dish) marinated pieces of chicken served on a layer of pitta bread topped with cacik and 


sauce 15.15

adana kebab

(saucy and spicy!) spicy lean minced lamb served on a layer of pitta bread and onions topped with

tomato sauce 14.65

urfa kebab 

(spicy and saucy dish) doner kebab and sis kofte on a layer of pitta bread and spicy onions topped

with tomato sauce 14.65

half pilic/half doner - half pilic/half sis kofte - half doner/half sis kofte

served on a bed of rice with salad and our special sauce 14.65

halloumi/sucuk special

grilled halloumi and sucuk served on a bed of thyme rice, topped with yoghurt and sauce, served with 

salad  15.00


(vegetarian dish) hummus, barbunya, dolma, ayse fasulye and ispanak tarator served with rice and

sauce 14.65

hot turlu

(vegetarian dish) skewer of grilled vegetables and halloumi served on a bed of rice with yoghurt and

tomato sauce 15.00

fileto biftek

prime Angus fillet steak (8-10 oz) charcoal grilled to your liking, served with a skewer of grilled 

vegetables and french fries 26.00

pitta bread 0.70



layers of filo pastry filled with pistachio nuts in syrup served with cream or ice-cream 4.90


shredded pastry rolled around walnuts and covered in syrup, served with cream or ice-cream 4.90 

pineapple delight

(yummie!) crushed pineapples, whipped cream and marshmallows 4.70


trio of ice-creams 4.50


filter coffee  2.20

turkish coffee (short, strong and black) 2.40